Theater of Passions

In the midst of a hazy landscape, a head covered abundantly with flowers is prominently positioned. A face is not discernible, if indeed there is one hidden behind the vibrantly colorful floral proliferation. It is entirely obscured by the dense carpet of blossoms. The latter extends to a neck, decorated with a cowry shell necklace, and to the upper part of a torso. In the illuminated area of the head, butterflies are fluttering back and forth between the calyxes. The other half is shrouded in deep shadows, representing the dark nocturnal side of the blossoming vegetation breaking forth in the bright glow of an invisible sun in untamed profusion. The cessation of fertile growth is inherent in this darkness, the state of winter, in which the opulent efflorescence of life ossifies and decays.

To a certain degree, Sotnikov’s deeply mysterious works, which are charged by a multitude of clues and references, are never fully accessible. The spectrum of media used by the artist ranges from multilayered narrative scenarios on canvas to three-dimensional assemblages consisting of objects found at flea and antique markets. The figures which in Sotnikovs world-encompassing theater of passions are constantly on the road with unknown destinations in riotous carnival parades and wild processions seem to have nothing left to lose, but much to gain.

(Belinda G. Gardner)


born 1979 in Kirowo-Tschepezk, Russia

1991-1996 Fine Arts degree, Tambov, Russia

1997-2002 Studied German language and literature in Tambov, Russia

2003-2010 Fine Arts degree, HFBK (The University of Fine Arts), Hamburg, Germany

Konstantin Sotnikov lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.


2008 Eduard Bargheer Foundation


Selected Exhibitions

Solo Exhibitions

2018 »Maison Pompadour«, Kunstforum MARKERT, Hamburg, Germany
2017 »Mensch Affe«, Marie von Papen Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
2014 »Zott´s Artspace Gallery«, Singapore
2013 »Malerei und Skulpturen«, Heissingsart Gallery, Luebeck, Germany
2012 »Bastard«, Feinkunst Krüger Gallery, Hamburg, Germany
2011 »Macrosystic Pyrifera«, Bongartz Gallery, Hannover, Germany
2009 »KS steht nicht für Kelly Slater«, Feinkunst Krüger Gallery, Hamburg, Germany

Group Exhibitions

2023 Felix Jud, 100 Years, 100 Artists, 100 works, anniversary exhibition in Jupiter, Hamburg, Germany
2018 MvP, Windsor Park Hall, London, GB
2017 »Eis am Stiel«, Marie von Papen Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2016 »Kitzbühel meets Art & Architecture«, Kitzbühel, Austria
2016 »Puss In Boots«, Marie von Papen, Red Hook, New York
2016 »Collective Identity«, Greskewitz&Kleinitz Galerie, Hamburg
2015 »Pollux Capella«, Zott´s Artspace, San Cassiano, Italy
2013 »Junge Positionen«, Heyne-Kunstfabrik, Offenbach, Germany
2013 »CircleCultureGallery«, Hamburg, Germany
2012 »Displacements«, Hamburg, Germany
2012 »Bridget«, Hafencity Hamburg, Germany
2009 »Willkür«, Hamburg, Germany
2009-2012 »Marilyn Monroe Museum Exhibition Travel Tour«, Levy Gallery
2008 »Lumen Christi´s«, St. Katherinenkirche, Hamburg, Germany
2007 »Index, Kunsthaus, Hamburg, Germany
2006 »Plattform«, Kunstverein Hannover, Hannover, Germany

Art Fair
SCOPE 2014, Basel
ZONAMACO 2022, Mexico City, MvP
Luxembourg Art Fair 2022, MvP


»Konstantin Sotnikov-Paintings and Sculptures«, 2014, Editor: Christian Zott, Photographer: Hans-Joachim Ellerbrock


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